Universum College has founded the Institute for Economic, Political, and Social studies with the aim to support Universum College to achieve its objectives in the field of scientific research.
Institute for Economic, Political, and Social Studies has been established in accordance with the Law Nr.03/L-134, regarding the Freedom of Associations in Non-governmental organizations in Republic of Kosovo on 20.06.2012.

- IEPSS is founded to achieve the following objectives:
Improvement of scientific activities for economic, political, and social topics.
Providing aid to improve the educational potential in Kosovo
Undertake scientific projects in the aforementioned fields
Advocate an academic and credible environment
Participate in decision making processes regarding educational policies.

To achieve the above objectives the organization has been involved in the following activities
Organize training, workshops, conferences, and other events related to the scientific community.
Provide assistance to Ministries and Institutions focused in improving the quality of education policies in Kosovo
Initiating and undertaking research projects in the field of economy, politics, and social sciences.
International cooperation with different organizations towards improving and achieving the objectives regarding education and science in Kosovo